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tarot suits – artist books

these 4 books are a collection of tarot suit based writings and illustrations, done in ink wash. the stamps on the covers are also originals, corresponding to each suit. the book structure is made with binder’s board.

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fragile saint – artist book

fragile saint is a book based off a poem of the same name. the illustrations are done in ink wash, and the book is made of binders board and wrapped in paper.

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panic attack – artist book

panic is a short book that opens a variety of different ways throughout. it’s meant to depict what having an anxiety attack is like, stumbling through stark white thoughts of awful things. the book structure was created with book cloth, … Continue reading

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odd god – artist book

odd god is a series of strange deities and descriptions of their place in the world. all images are done with a brush and ink wash, and the book structure was made from binder’s board, book cloth and sketchbook paper.

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nefarious collage series

nefarious is a being from the stars who exists to push back on the menial demands of conformity. an enemy of government, structure and obedience, it allies with those who are willing to stretch their minds to accept things they’ve … Continue reading

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a dream

i remember going to a museum which was also the end of a movie. it was eleven floors tall, blue outside, windows placed throughout swirling hallways i don’t remember most of the floors, but at the top there were animals; … Continue reading

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Night Poems – sunshower

“a sun shower … is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining.” i can cry sun showers. when liquid shine spills down my face the rays won’t hurt me, don’t worry its not burning my … Continue reading

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